The Yoga Room Holywood
The Yoga RoomHolywood

Meditation from the Tantras

Meditations from the Tantras

Akasha Dharana One

6 week Course - 24 October 2019 - 8.30-9.45 pm
with Alison Roberts


If we can expand our awareness we are able to lift ourselves out of the pettiness and conflict that we face each day.


These courses explore the rich and diverse meditation techniques of ancient Tantric Teaching.  It is small and supportuve class with plenty of time for indiviudal guidance.

This next series of meditations from the Upanishads will concentrate on the first five Akasha Dharanas or Spatial Meditations. These meditations concentrate on your place in the grand scheme of things, placing our experiences within the greater context of the universe or cosmos. We explore different experiences of akasha (Space) - external, intermediate and internal, using different visualizations, allowing an automatic expansion of mind.

Cost: £45

Pre-registration Essential

You can send course fees via using this link:


Some previous experience with yoga and meditation would be advised although not essential.



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