The Yoga Room Holywood
The Yoga RoomHolywood

Meditation from the Tantras


Foundations of Pranayama & Prana Vidya

6 week Course - .26 April 2018 - 8.30-10.00 pm
with Alison Roberts


In this next course of tantric meditations techniques we will explore the importance of the breath and it’s links to our understanding and experience of prana, pranayama and prana vidya. In V27 of the Vijnana Bhairava Tantra Siva explains to Parvati (his wife) that

“when kumbhaka takes place after pooraka(inhalation) or rechaka (exhalation), then the shakti (prana) know as shanta is experienced and through that peace is revealed”

The importance of the breath in yogic meditation techniques cannot be over emphasised so during this 6 week course we will develop our ability to use the breath to help still the mind and lead us to inner peace and harmony.

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Cost:  £45 (6 week course)

Pre-regisrations essential

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