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Meditations from the Tantras

6 week Course - .7 March 2019 - 8.30-10.00 pm
with Alison Roberts


These courses explore the rich and diverse meditation techniques of ancient Tantric Teaching.  It is small and supportuve class with plenty of time for indiviudal guidance.


In this series of classes we will continue our exploration of tantric meditation techniques, this time concentrating on Ajapa Dharana or spontaneous repitition of a mantra, the mantra being the sound of our own breath - So Ham/HamSo. Hamsa, or swan, is identified with the Supreme Spirit or Ultimate Reality and the flight of the hamsa symblises moksha. There are ten dharanas in this system and we plan to explore the first five in the this the first of two courses.   Some previous experience with yoga and meditation would be advised although not essential.



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Cost:  £45 (6 week course)

Pre-regisrations essential

New Classes Starting  February/March 2019 in Belfast and Holywood

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