The Yoga Room Holywood
The Yoga RoomHolywood

What we do ..

The Yoga Room Holywood is suitable for 1-2-1 Tuition and small private bookings for those interested in Classical Yoga Practice and Meditation.


We offer ...


1-2-1 Tuition in Yoga and Meditation

Small Group Yoga and Meditation Sessions

Deep Relaxation and Yoga Nidra

Tuition in Yoga Philosophy and Lifestyle

Stress Management and Relaxation


Prana Vidya/Pranic Healing



Chakra Rebalancing


When and How ...


When ... it suits you.  Just make an appointment.


How ...   To Book a Session please either email, phone or use our contact us form.  Please understand that when the room is in use we are unable to answer the door buzzer and it being used will disturb the yoga practice within.


Payment ...  Obviously we'll accept cash or cheque as payment but if you wish to pay by card then we can do that through PayPal - simply make your booking with me and I will email you a PayPal Invoice.




Our facilities...

The Yoga Room is a small dedicated room with enough space for four students for Yoga Asana practice and 6-8 students for meditation.  We have a small kitchen and our own WC which can also be used for changing if necessary.  It has a relaxing and harmonising atmosphere ideal for inner reflection.  High up above Holywood High Street it is a peacefull oasis of calm.


The Yoga Room is fully equiped with mats, cushions, and blankets. Filtered water is available as well as Yogi Teas.

We are located at:

The Yoga Room

Suite 5
114 High Street


BT18 9HW

Contact us today!

If you have any queries or wish to make an appointment, please contact us:


+44 77 5844 1942+44 77 5844 1942


Or use our contact form.

1-2-1 or Small Group


Individual session cost £30/hour or

£150 for 6.