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The Yoga RoomHolywood

Private Tuition

Private tuition at The Yoga Room allows you to work one-to-one with a highly qualified and experienced teacher ensuring that your yoga practice is responsive to how you are feeling in mind, body and spirit  You will receive on-going guidance and support  helping you develop a skilfull and refined yoga practice.


Private yoga tuition is suitable for:

  • beginners wanting to establish a strong foundation in the practice
  • experienced practitioners wishing to further and deepen their practice
  • individuals wanting to use yoga to support recovery from illness or rehabilitation from injury or as part of an holistic healing programme
  • ...and of course very busy people!

Alison offers 1-2-1 tuition at the Yoga Room or by arrangment at you home or office.  She is also happy to accomodate couples and small groups of up to 4 friends or colleagues.

Meditations from the Tantras

Yoga contains a wealth of meditational techniques and methods to make your meditation easier and more effective.  In this class we will explore yoga meditation techniques and yoga philosophy and psychology.  Each course follows a different practice so it is necessary to committ to the whole course.
Pre-Booking Essential
Cost:  £45 (6 week Course)

Thursday 20.30-21.30

Start Date: 4 May 2017

 @ The Yoga Room Holywood

 Introduction to Classical Yoga Meditation

Yoga has a wealth of meditation techniques.  Some date back as far as the Vedas (6000 BCE), some are based on Tantric practices and others have developed from the Raja Yoga of Patanjali (all still ancient).  The aim of meditation practices is to bring the practitioner into a spontaneous state of meditation by creating absolute concentration or one pointedness within the mind.  There are many preparation techniques that make this more likely to happen and which also have incredible benefits in their own right.  This course will explore some of these techniques as well as giving an understanding of Meditation from a Yogic perspective.

Pre-Booking Essential

Cost: £45 (6 week course) or £10 per class

Time: 12.30-13.30 Thursdays

Start Date:  4 May 2017

email or phone to book a place

Yoga Nidra - The Yogic Power Nap

Yoga Nidra is an ancient Yogic technique that allows us to relax consciously.  It systematically induces complete physical, mental and emotional relaxation.  It jas beem has been proven to promote physical, mental and emotional relaxation; it reduces stress, energises the body and promotes wellbeing and healing.  It has also been found effective in the treatment of chronic pain.


Alison was first taught Yoga Nidra by her teacher Helen MacBroom also of Ananda Yoga Circle.  Helen studied it under Swami Satyananda Saraswati who developed the practice from the ancient tantric practice of nyasa.   More recently, Alison, was able to revisit it and study this technique further with Peter Bligh of Mandala Yoga Ashram.  



Alison is also a Reiki Practitioner (Master Level) and offers energy healing treatments which she frequently combines with meditation and relaxation practices working synergestically to re-balance body, mind and soul.  

Cost: £35



Yoga and Meditation in Holywood

This article appears in The Loop Magazine Holywood Edition in Nov 16


Local Yoga Teacher Alison Roberts, after 12 years of teaching in the Community, has just fulfilled her dream of having a dedicated space for yoga tuition in her home town of Holywood.  The Yoga Room Holywood is an oasis of calm high above Holywood High Street suitable for 1-2-1 and Small Group Tuition


When I ask someone first attending a yoga session what their expectations are it is frequently increased flexibility and fitness and then after a short hesitant pause an almost wistful hope of increased “wellbeing” - a vague term perhaps but something that they seem to instinctively feel yoga can deliver and yet are unsure how.  We are all familiar with the images of young, slim yoga practitioners in weird contortions.  The media love those pictures, and it’s what people have come to associate with Yoga however Yoga practice has very little to do with physical “posturing” which is superficial and impermanent (we all get old) and more to do with our internal health and wellbeing which is much more important and enduring.


An holistic practice (the term yoga, means to “yoke” or join), from the very first session mind and body are of equal importance, given equal emphasis and the entire personality is taken into account.  All Yoga practices lead to meditation, which is a state of being, if the mind wanders or is not engaged in the practice then we are no longer practising yoga but exercising and therefore we lose the holistic benefits. We will still notice benefits - exercise is good for us, but it is not Yoga.


General yoga classes are geared for the majority of people but cannot deliver the optimal practice for each individual attendee.  The beauty of 1-2-1 or very small group tuition with an experienced yoga teacher is that in a short number of sessions a personalized practice is developed and progressed to suit the individual personality and their life circumstances. We all know that life is full of ups and downs and our nervous system, sympathetic (arousal, stress) and parasympathetic (rest, recovery) adjust to allow us to deal effectively with these highs and lows and then bring us back to a state of equilibrium.  However the pace of modern life means that our nervous system is over stimulated, we are on too high an alert and then we plummet towards exhaustion and depression.  The state of equilibrium and recovery is missed having huge repercussions on our general health and wellbeing leading to chronic illnesses and syndromes.  Regular, appropriate yoga practice has been proven to help bring the nervous system back to a more balanced and harmonised state.  

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The Yoga Room

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1-2-1 or Small Group


Individual session cost £30/hour or

£150 for 6.